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Nyberg 3 Percent - Betsy Ross Bloodwood & Maple with Walnut Union


Order the Nyberg 3 Percent Betsy Ross Wooden Wavy Flag today. 

Credited to Gayle Nyberg, the design consists of a traditional "Betsy Ross" American flag with the Roman numeral III in the center of the circle of 13 stars. The 3 is a reference to the 3% of colonial Americans who were believed to have actually fought for American independence at any given time during the American Revolution.

The combination of a Walnut starfield, with Bloodwood and maple stripes gives this flag rich color and boldness. The contrasting strips and unique grains make this an excellent choice for any finish you choose. 

Choose from our variety of finishes and sizes for your 3-D Waving Flag.

You'll love the rich texture of the grain in these unique, one of a kind, Wooden American Waving Flags by Rush Woodworks.