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Raw American flags


Want some hands-on experience finishing a flag? And save some money from buying it unfinished? 

You have the option below to choose from sanded, which is ready for the stars to be painted and a finish coat applied. (Not provided)

Or unsanded, which is still rough, straight off the CNC from carving the waves and stars. 

The first two photos, the flags are sanded and ready to be finished. The photo with multiple flags in it, those are not sanded yet so that's what they will look like.... From the photo it's hard to tell if they are sanded or not. 

To avoid re-sellers, there is a limit of 3 flags per customer. 

I'm going to stick with one wood combination, and choosing the most popular.....padauk and maple with a walnut union, or maple union (that you will have to paint or stain blue) 

If you were set on getting a different wood combo, please message me. 

(Bloodwood and wenge there will be an upcharge, see above 👆)