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Storage Memorial Box


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Padauk and maple flag with a walnut (or stained blue) union, used as a lid on a walnut box frame and a padauk bottom plate. It's the small desk top storage box you didn't know you needed! 

It measures the same length and width and the extra small flag (Just a hair bigger than 17.5" x 9.25" x 5" deep internal) 

I'm making a limited run of these and expect delivery of these early December. 

I will make 15 total. 

If this is visible and you're seeing this on the website, there is still available slots. I will take this down once the 15 are sold. (Plus the site will tell you how many are left "in stock")

Again, shipment on these isn't going to be in my normal lead time of 3 to 5 weeks. These are intended to be for Christmas, so they will be shipped the first or second week of December. 

You will receive something similar in nature to the stock photo used here. If you don't want the handles, you can opt out of them.

I will not be making these with any other woods, this is the only combination available. The only thing you can change is you get to pick your finish which would be semi-gloss, gloss or oiled. 

Engraving on the face of the box with your choice of words or image, an additional $50 (You can purchase a $50 gift card in addition to this box if you want an engraving)

Thank you!